Saturday, June 20, 2015

Life happens...

Just when you think you've gotten everything together and figured out...along comes something else... My keyword for this year, if I remember correctly, was, "flexible"... And I don't mean the acrobatic kind of flexible... I mean the, "Roll with the punches" variety of flexible...  The kind of flexible you need when the sick people in your house turns into the sick you kind of thing. (Sinusitis) The new camping trailer called for a new truck to tow it kind of thing. The several nights in a row of missing out on a good nights sleep kind of thing.... The having a t-shirt quilt needing finished, a finished quilt needing taken to Lamesa, a quilt repair needing worked on, a quilt not started needing finished by August 8th, another quilt not started needing finished by the end of September, a box of 24 hospital sheets needing altered, a garden full of beans and blackeyed peas needing picked  snapped and canned, and a hubby chomping at the bit to take me to the lake to get away from it all...starting Monday, for 6 days, kind of thing, the grandkids will be back in two weeks for the rest of the summer kind of thing...the, I should be at the church with my hubby and others helping with a day of deep cleaning and putting down carpet on the front steps, but I'm not, I'm home sick, so maybe I can rest up today enough to make it to church tomorrow kind of thing.... There, I feel better... Thanks for listening...  

Proctor Lake with grandkids

The oldest two grandkids, Pa and I are at Lake Proctor camping in our Hideout camping trailer! We're watching RV on the flatscreen...and laughing uncontrolably I flooded the floor while setting up the water...True Story! 😝
Seriously, we're having a permanent damage from the water...I hope! Doesn't the trailer and Truck look nice?
The lake had to stop letting water out down stream because there has been so much flooding down in the lower lakes of the Brazos River....Soo, Proctor Lake is over full and getting fuller. I think I'll take pictures of the same landmarks every day to show how much the lake level rises over the next few days... Here are a couple sites I thought would show the rise. If there isn't any rain on the upper watershed, there won't be any rise...if there is rain up River, then it aught to be pretty interesting around here....
I sure wish Coleman Lake, Hords Creek Lake and O H Ivey looked like this!

Proctor Lake Day 2

Yesterday I said the lake would come up if we got rain on the watershed...well, we got a doozy of a storm. High winds, lightening, rain... We spent 30 minutes sitting in the truck while the camper was rocking until the wind calmed a bit. Early this morning, we walked around and this is what those two sites look like... And it's steadily rising!
The park attendant said this morning that the Army Corp of Engineers is most likely going to evacuate the campground today as lots more runoff is heading this way... Our site is on higher ground and wouldn't likely flood, but we'd be stranded on an island without electricity for however long it took for the water to recede... And there's still lots of rain in the forecast! So now the dilima is, do we go ahead and pack up...or try to catch a big catfish (they're spawning now) before we  go?