Saturday, April 23, 2016


Love how it came out!
And I even got one of the Christmas for kids quilts in and out
Of the longarm today!

Friday, April 15, 2016

Wedding flimsy

I just finished the flimsy for a wedding quilt for an old classmate of mine. His daughter is getting married and he wanted a quilt to give her as a gift. Her colors were the colors of peacock feathers. I think it's beautiful! Can't wait to get it into the longarm!!!!
It's 81"x 98" so it should fit a queen or full amply!
I hand embroidered the initial T in the centers of the
Corners blocks ... The pattern is the traditional Dresden 
Plate in variations of teals and purples.
And I used a buttonhole stitch from my Bernina in beige 
around the center and outside edge of the petals. Hope
She loves it!

Monday, April 4, 2016

Laundry Day

There are times I really enjoy laundry day... No really, I really mean it this time! 😃
I enjoy it because on laundry day I need to be close to the washer and dryer...that means while I'm not changing loads, sorting, folding or hanging up there is some precious time to sew!!!! A friend of mine has been making 5 in 5 quilts for our church's Christmas kids program. I looked on YouTube and the closest thing to what she is doing that I could find is called 5 O'clock quilt...then I changed the block sizes to work for what I wanted... I haven't put the border on yet, but it's kinda cute and very easy!!! This without borders is 48"x 60"
Mostly purples and pinks, I think it will be great for just about any age girl!
Now to find some border and backing material!