Saturday, July 19, 2014

Peaches Again!!!

Peeled more peaches and just canned them in syrup...The first of the peaches not made into canned pie filling or jam. We got a full canner load of 7 quarts! Yay!!!
I used the cold pack method... Hence they float... Buy that doesn't hurt a thing! 🍑

Friday, July 18, 2014

Sonora Caverns

Pa and I took took Ben and Cara to Sonora Caverns today...
 It was quite an undertaking since it was a little over 2 hours
in the car each way plus about a hour and a half tour. I must
Be getting old... Because I'm too tired to sleep... We had
a wonderful time  and saw some awe inspiring sights.
I loved how the lights showed through to the thin ribbons of
Calcium Carbonate growing from the ceiling. 
Ben and I were amazed at the raw beauty God had made
out of sight of man...
I wish I could do justice to the many wonderous sights
we beheld...but soon the tour was over, and it was time 
to head back home through San Angelo... Which, of 
course, meant Mexican food at Fuentes downtown. 
Once we were full, it was time to pose with the sheep 
out front and head on home.

Jam canning vindicated...

I went to our local grocery store yesterday and while I was there I checked out their cheapest store brand peach jam, and guess what? My home made jam was cheaper! Not by much, only a few cents, but it was cheaper to make it than buy it... I stand vindicated! hmmm... Time for toast and jam... Drool!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

More peach jam....

30 jars more!!! Yikes! Believe it or not, I'm getting tired 
of peaches! Who knew that old tree could produce so 
many peaches! I can attest that it's cheaper to buy 
peach jam at the store... But the taste of home grown 
and made makes it worth every penny!!! Let's see ...
 30 jars at $7/doz. ($17.50), 5 pacs Sure Jell 
at $3.59 ($17.95), 3- 4# bags sugar at $1.88 ($5.64)
 total cost $41.09 for 30 1-cup jars of jam. Cost per 
jar of jam $ 1.37..... Yep, I think it can be bought 
cheaper... The value to me of getting to can... 
The peaches being from a tree my Dad planted 
and cared for... Knowing what is and isn't in 
my food... The self sufficient feeling that comes
 from a job well done that the majority of Americans
 these days have no clue how to do...  Priceless!!!!!😍
I did finish the last quilted bag as well...
And it's MINE! YAY!!!! 😜

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Bags and peaches!

Mercy! It's been a whirlwind week! 
The peaches have started ripening on our
 two trees, so there's been lots of canning 
going on around here..7 qts. Of peach
 pie filling , over 4 dozen half pints of 
peach jam, and 2 cobblers later..
We're still not done yet!  Papaw's old 
monster sized peach tree went into 
overdrive this year and We are even 
getting a good crop from our 2 yr. old tree...
The peaches are much smaller on the
 younger tree,
but it worked hard at making lots of them.
This is what my granddaughter
 and I have worked on this week...more bags!
 We used the same pattern as last
week and tweaked it a bit by changing 
how the lining was attached, and
we quilted the outer material to batting before 
adding the lining... I am very
 impressed with this version and still have one 
more to go like them before
 I'm through...
We also went camping at Hords Creek Lake 
on Friday, Saturday and Sunday
 morning... Hubby,'s work place had a 
sponsored camp out for their
Employees. We took our old camp trailer 
and two of our grandchildren...
What a blast! It sure was hard to drag out, 
load up, and hook it back home to get
to Sunday School on time... 
Boy are we tired now... I'm betting that all 
four of us sleep good tonight!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Now to figure out how to size my pics


Happy little seamstress! 
And 7 quarts peach pie filling canned with Clear Jel! Yummy!
My new baby... 2013 Gammill Vision 18-8 longarm quilting machine!
Jason's Turtle quilt...

My, how time flys....or is it flies?

Both of the above quilts were for our Carter Reunion this year... And they were my final quilts on my old Gammill quilting machine. Did I say old? 1982 qualifies as very old in the longarm quilting world!

And this was quilted on my new 2013 Gammill Vision 18-8!

And so was this!

And here she is!!! Sadie is her name, she's named after the sweet lady that taught me to hand quilt around 39 years ago now... I loved that lady! This Miss Sadie is just as sweet and easy going as her namesake!
I'm sure hoping that this time I have how to add pictures figured out!