Sunday, May 11, 2014


At least I got most of the pictures in the scene! 😆  This IPad has changed how I do everything... And since I don't have a useable laptop anymore, I'm being somewhat forced to learn how to work my way around it.... Today is Mother's Day.... I hope you and yours have had a great one... I certainly have! Two great church services, and a FaceTime chat with two of the grand kids! The grand daughter, Cara, has become quite interested in growing herbs in containers, and has a beautiful Basil plant up and doing great! I'm so looking forward to having her and her brother, Ben staying with us this summer...Bike riding, fishing, camping, swimming, sewing, gardening, canning.. You name it... We might try it! Hopefully, we'll have lots to blog about and pictures to share!

Latest quilts!

Just downloaded a new photo resizer app for my iPad goes nothing!

And the beautiful flowers from my son on Mother's Day!