Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Can you believe it?!?

This is my new baby! That's right, this old Amaw is learning to rock, christian style, with this beautiful short scale Bass Guitar! It's an Ibanez Mikro Bass and my latest love! We have a small group of people at our church that love music and we played last Sunday morning and Sunday night...and we're already booked to play for a funeral this Thursday! Is that wild, or what?! It's totally amazing! Jim Laubin plays harmonica and guitar and sings, Janniece Laubin plays tambourine and sings, Richard Massey plays mandolin (and any other instrument needed!), and I'm playing bass! I've played piano for years and would love to do it with the group, but I just can't get my head wrapped around the timing of the guitar playing.(too used to playing for congregational singing traditional style) anyway, not one to be left out----ahmmm....I thought it was time for me to learn a new instrument...and the bass was perfect...one note at a time...no chords... and I'm loving it! Besides, learning new things is supposed to help stave off Alzheimer's  right? Just last Sunday, I couldn't find the church's handheld recorder I had brought...Hubby found it in the fridge on top of a dish I had brought for the fellowship...GRRR!!! Getting old is NOT for sissies! LOL!
On another note....The garden on 8th Street has played out with all this heat ...even watering every day hasn't helped...but it did produce well while it lasted and I've spent most of the summer canning, watering, and knitting baby blankets for the hospital newborns... Quite a productive and busy summer---I've felt like the Ant & the Grasshopper story... with me being the ant! I still have tomatoes and blackeyed peas here at the house in the raised beds, hopefully I'll be able to keep them going until fall---There's more shade for them to take cover from the sun for at least part of the day...
That's all I can think of to share right now...hopefully things will slow down a bit and I'll get to write a bit more now that the gardening has calmed down...  Pray for rain!!!